Charles ElHage


El Hage

A former Senior Vice President of Booz Allen Hamilton, Charles El-Hage has over 30 years of worldwide management and consulting experience, covering a wide variety of industries and functional areas. He established the Booz Allen business in the Middle East in 1993, and led it until retiring from consulting in 2009.

During this period, Charles has worked in a broad spectrum of industries including Banking, Insurance, Automotive, Health Care, Telecoms, Petroleum, Chemicals, Information Technology, and Construction. In addition, he has assisted a number of Middle Eastern governments on national policy and governance matters.

Charles is currently director on the boards of Middle Eastern companies and non-profit organizations. These include Chedid Capital Holding, Group One, Quantum Group, Chalhoub Group, MAN Group, Libanpost and Lebanon Renaissance Foundation.

Charles is also currently advising SME Private Equity funds and is actively involved in companies in the Agribusiness, Hospitality and Rural Development areas.

He holds a master’s degree in Industrial Engineering and a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Management from Purdue University. He is a graduate of the INSEAD Young Managers Program.